Example of the SMPR Structured Blogging Microcontent Template

In my continuing effort to create a Wordpress implementation that allows for posting of a social media release, I have modified the structured blogging plugin. The image to the right is a screenshot of how the Admin panel for posting appears. It still needs work, but is functional.

Using this implementation, the posting will still require the use of code. This file of HTML/CSS code is one example of how we will accomplish this.

This zip file is the adaptation I made to the showcase-person.xml file within the structured blogging plugin.

The table below is also an example of how part of that code looks in this blog.

Place links and descriptions to photos here. Example:

Samford Clock Tower

University Chapel

Graphics and Publications

Auburn Logo - Medium
Other files like InDesign, Quark, PDF and PSD may be linked here, too.

Audio MP3
Just write the links to the audio files here. Of course, it would be better to have a fulll blown adaptation that allows for pulldown menus and uploading… something similar to Podpress, for example. So, we will use Podpress for this blog’s posts, too.

You don’t have to define the pullquotes in the style sheet. The code is short and doesn’t take the many keystrokes. It’s just another paragraph in CSS. Code from Mandarin.

I’ll write more later. This is a simple modification, but it allows us to practice (a) HTML, (b) CSS and (c) writing/creating social media releases.

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